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How to Send Blank Messages on GB WhatsApp

There are various customization and tweaks are available in the modded version of the WhatsApp Messenger for Android devices. GB WhatsApp is one of the modified version of the WhatsApp Messenger available in the market for Android devices. If you want something extra then you should use the modern version of the WhatsApp Messenger over the official version of the WhatsApp Messenger in your Android devices.

In this article, we will talk about sending blank messages on GB WhatsApp for Android devices. Note that the actual trick to send blank messages on GB WhatsApp is currently not available in the latest versions of the GB WhatsApp for Android devices. But still, we will give you the old trick to send blank messages via GB WhatsApp along with the new trick to send the blank messages by GB WhatsApp in Android devices.

Steps to send blank messages on GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

There are two methods to send blank messages in GB WhatsApp for Android devices. The old method will not be working in the latest version of the GB WhatsApp, so you may need to use a new method to send the blank messages in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

Old Method:

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp by tapping on the app icon from the app list of your Android device.
  2. Now open the chat inbox where you want to send the blank messages.
  3. Now tap on the chat box and type this following characters 3 times “` and then apply a space and then again type the same character 3 times “`. Now you will get to see that this characters became translucent in the chat typing box, that means you are good to go.
  4. Now tap on the send button to send that message.
  5. You will get to see that the message was sent is blank.
  6. To resize the blank message, increase the space between the characters and the size of the blank message will increase.
  7. Remember that this method was working in the versions of 2017, currently, none of this version will be able to send blank messages by this trick. To use the blank message in the latest version of GB WhatsApp, then it down to the new method listed below.

New Method:

  1. You need to download a third party app called blank messages for WhatsApp.
  2. Wait for the app to get downloaded in your Android device.
  3. Now open the blank message for WhatsApp app and select the characters for the size of the blank message which you want to send.

  1. Now copy it in your clipboard to send it in your GB WhatsApp for Android devices. As if you select send option you will not get any option other than the official version of the WhatsApp Messenger.
  2. Now go to the chat where you want to send the blank messages in the GB WhatsApp.
  3. Paste the contents from clipboard on the chat box of that chat inbox and tap on the send button on GB WhatsApp.

  1. Now you see that the sent message is the blank message which you have copied from that app. Enjoy sending blank messages using this method in the latest version of the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

Download Link >> Blank Messages (for WhatsApp).


We have researched about the various features of the GB WhatsApp on the internet for Android devices. We have also provided you there two methods to send blank messages in both older versions of GB WhatsApp and newer version of GB WhatsApp. Share this article with others GB WhatsApp and Android users so that they can also use this wonderful trick to send blank messages in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.


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Hindi WHatsApp SHayari Download now

Groups are very beneficial for all WhatsApp users. You can also attempt and set them on your profile and show them how cool you’re in the exact same. Punjabi Video Status 2018 is extremely much Popular in each one of the People of different Area. This category has a number of the ideal marriage shayaris you could possibly run into. Punjabi Shayari” section of this website is a rather beautiful idea to split the attractiveness of thought. This shayari is fantastic to distinguish the world that the day has arrived for which you were eagerly waiting. If you want the above WhatsApp Shayari don’t neglect to share with friends and family, family members, girlfriend, boyfriend Or you’re able to share on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Shayari Punjabi – Is it a Scam?

प्यार एक गुनाह है, जो हम कर बैठे है।
प्यार एक सजा है, हम तो सूली चढ़ बैठे है।

मेरा प्यार एक खाब बनकर रह गया है ,जो कभी पूरा हो नहीं सकता
चाहा है जिसे मैंने दिल से, वो कभी मेरा हो नहीं सकता।

किसी को दिल से चाहने की सजा, उसकी जुदाई मिलती है।
किसी को अपना कहने की सजा उस की तन्हाई मिलती है।

हमें दिल से निकाल कर,हमें याद करते क्यों है आप,
हमें जिन्दा लाश बनाकर,हम में जान भरते क्यों है आप|

मेरी जिन्दगी एक इम्तहान बन कर रह गई है,
इसका हल हमें आता नहीं, हम उनके बिना कैसे जीएं।
यह बात हमें कोई बताता नहीं।

उनके बिना जीना मुश्किल नहीं, न मुमकिन लग रहा है।
इस दुनिया में हर शख्स,हमें बेवफा लग रहा है।

दो चाहने वाले अधूरे है, और अधूरे ही इस दुनिया से चले जाते है।
वो चाहकर भी अपने दिल के अरमान, पूरे नहीं कर पाते है।

Friendship Day is a global event where the entire planet celebrate an international festival. It is given on the first sunday in the first week of august. There are a lot of ways to take pleasure in the day. It’s a day of friends where people are able to express each of their feelings for the workplace another tension.

उनकी एक पल की दूरी, मुझे जीते जी मार रही है।
उम्र उनके बिना नहीं गुजरेगौ, मेरी हर एक साँस पुकार रही है।

Best Love Shayari
हम पूजते हैं उन्हें सुबह -शाम भगवान की तरह
हम दिल से चाहते हैं उन्हें , गीता और कुरान की तरह।

प्यार क्या होता है यह दुनिया में, हर किसी को नहीं है मालूम
जो किसी को दिल से चाहते हैं,
उनका अपने सनम के बिना लगता नहीं है मन।

क्यों मिली हमें प्यार में इनती बड़ी सजा
जिस सजा के हम लायक नहीं, हम है खुद से खफा
हमें जमाने से शिकायत नहीं।

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Honda Activa Cng Cylinder Capacity Secrets

Honda Activa Cng Cylinder Capacity at a Glance

The Activa 3G is going to be made available in the exact same colours and design. You may definitely go for this Activa if you’re searching for some vehicle with apt dimensions according to your small or typical height. But yes the front portion of the Activa will acquire heavy and will, subsequently, affect speed. CNG activa is a favorite due to their price and mileage per Rs.

The 30-Second Trick for Honda Activa Cng Cylinder Capacity

A little lockable opening at the front part of the panel provides you with accessibility to the CNG fuel gauge. There is it gives you access to the CNG fuel gauge. The features will also stay same. If you are purchasing a new one then it’s possible to enjoy AHO feature that’s a compulsory safety feature for most new 2-wheelers from April 1, 2017. The plan of Honda Activa 3G is really a marvel. On a customer spec model, however, it will be difficult to be aware of the same. On a customer spec model, however, it is going to be difficult to know the exact same.

TVS Jupiter The TVS Jupiter checks all of the boxes in regards to convenience and practicality. The brand is well known for its two-wheeler products which are made to fulfill the several needs of its Indian consumers. After thinking about the potential within this marketplace, other manufacturers are also predicted to jump in the fray soon.

Honda Activa popularity is growing day by day. It’s available on the market and the dealer is going to do the fitting for you on your Activa or another scooter that you possess. For a normal buyer, it is not going to be accomplished. Honda Activa CNG Price will be based on the kit you’re going to purchase. So far as maintenance costs are involved, the business states that the CNG equipped scooters want to stick to exactly the same service intervals as its petrol derivative. The best thing regarding these upgrades is they meet the expectations of Indian roads.

The kits are rather much like the ones found on cars, and allow you to choose between both CNG and petrol choices. All the kits which will be sold shall be accepted by the ARAI itself. These Kits are accepted by Government of India. On the other hand, the CNG kit isn’t only about being frugal, it’s also about protecting the surroundings. We will attempt to review other CNG kits also which are offered on the market. Just you need to find that fitment done. You merely need to do an aftermarket fitment.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Honda Activa Cng Cylinder Capacity

The cozy ride is preferred by both women and men. In the beginning, it is hard to distinguish the normal scooter from that of the CNG derivative. At first, it’s really tricky to distinguish the conventional scooter from that of the CNG derivative. This vehicle isn’t overweight like other models of Activa due to the fiber body. CNG-powered vehicles have existed for a while now, with a few manufactures offering conversion kits directly from the factory, and several more aftermarket options also. Diesel is less expensive than petrol but petrol cars are less costly than diesel ones.

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Top Ways To Increase Battery Life On Android Phone

In this modern era,the youth has made their Android phones a very important part of their lives. They spend the most of their time with their Android mobile phones.It can be considered that nowadays the phones know you more than your parents even.Today you have become fond of your Android mobile phones to such an extent because it acts as the immense source of information and entertainment for you.Over the few years,Android has gone through a lot of stages of its modification and advancement due to which it has become almost equivalent to your Computer Systems.

The main thing which is making your Android Phone move a step backward than your Computer system in terms of Features is its BATTERY LIFE.You might be continuously chasing those articles or websites which could give you appropriate and relevant information regarding increasing your battery life.No worries, Now i am going to give you the information which you have been wanting for quite a long span of time.You can increase the battery life of your Android Phone by doing some manipulations with the help of some software technologies. Also try great android game called clash of clans on your phone.

Here are few tips through which you can increase the battery life of your ANDROID MOBILE PHONES:-


The following steps can be followed to disable vibration which is produced by a little motor known as ERM(ECCENTRIC ROTATING MASS)VIBRATION MOTOR which is present in ever mobile phone:-

  • With the help of couple of touches of your fingertips on the screen you can disable the vibration of your phone whenever not required.

You can also take the help of CUSTOM KEYBOARD APPS to turn off vibrations which are produced during typing.


The following are the steps through which you can turn off the animations of your mobile phone which is one of the major factors which is responsible for draining your phone’s battery life:-

  • If you don’t find DEVELOPER SETTINGS directly in your app’s SETTING option then go to SETTINGS>ABOUT PHONE>BUILD NUMBER. Tap the BUILD NUMBER a few times.Then go back to SETTINGS again there you will find the DEVELOPER SETTINGS this time. Proceed with the further step after finding the DEVELOPER SETTINGS.

Disable The Wireless Services When Not In Use

Turn of the wireless services like GPS,Wifi,Bluetooth ,etc,, When they are not in use.When these kinds of wireless service keeps on the mobile keep working as searching for the wireless networks like WiFi, Bluetooth at regular time period. It keeps on draining the battery.

The operating like android have achieved some good battery life by giving option of easily entry and exit. But GPS does not let android to take the rest and sleep.

So always remember to switch the wireless services only when you need to use them.

While traveling from one place to another the phone keeps searching for the mobile networks as the station passes, Try to put your smartphone on airplane mode if you are not expecting any calls and you can enjoy your music for long time while traveling.

Clear recent apps and use fewer widgets.

Make sure you have exit the application after you have used that application,If you have not exit,the app will be continuously run in the background of smartphone. Always try to press back button for closing the application Do not use the Home Button for closing the app , After pressing the home button the app will be minimize and it will continuously work and will drain the battery.

Keep clearing your Task Manager and save your battery from draining.

Widgets which have display in the main screen of home ,they constantly work to show new content . This also let the battery to drain.

Google App Optimization Trick

Google Assistant, It is the great service by Google . But it’s some features drain the battery of Android smartphone. The feature of voice recognition continually listen to the command “Ok Google” detection of the voice and it drains the battery as it continually work for it. If you do not use this feature then you can simply disable it. Go to the Google assistant and then Settings-Voice-”OK Google” After doing this process the voice detection will be disable.

Congratulations, Now you know the top ways to increase the battery life on Android Phone.

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How To Convert Your Old Smartphone Into a CCTV Camera?

Have you got more than one smartphone and one them are laying anywhere because you don’t that phone much?

Now it’s time to make that smartphone work as Security CCTV Camera which can be login from any place.

There is very easy process to make that phone turn into security camera. Let the rear camera works as operational. There are many steps to know how to convert your old smartphone into CCTV Camera. Steps are as in following:–

  • Step 1 : Download The Security Camera Application on your Old Smartphone

To start this process all you need to find a suitable application on your smartphone.

Many applications offers several features like;- Alerts, Recording , Cloud Streaming ,motion detection and many more…

If you get able to setting up the application on your smartphone you will be able to use it as security camera from your living bedroom, directly on your phone.

CCTV Camera app for iPhone/iPad

Manything, it the best application to be downloaded in iPhone/iPad for the working your smartphone into security camera . It is the great mixture of monitoring anything.

It helps to set up and choose between videos or pictures only mode. It is good for setting up the motion alerts, It even integrates with IFTTT for endless virtual ways for configuring the securities camera application

Manything, can be downloaded by the user from the App Store on iPhone or iPad.

It comes with the free plan which allows the camera to recorded at zero cost.

To Start The Process of Manything

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad , Download Manything.
  • Open the settings from the phone and disable the Auto Lock which is under General.
  • Sign up with Manything and login with email add or login with your Facebook account
  • Tap on Camera Mode from your old smartphone and Tap on viewer mode on your new smartphone
  • Tap the red button from the old smartphone for the live streaming
  • After doing these process you will be able to view the live streaming on your new smartphone and PC by logging on

The situation of turning or converting your old smartphone into CCTV is also available for Android Devices. IP Webcam, It is the mindblowing application for android for the security camera.There are two versions of this application. One is lite version and Other is Pro Version.

The Lite Version has low features and it is for free While on the other hand Pro Version allows to unlock all the great features of the app and it cost $3.99 USD.

IP Webcam helps you to stream the live videos ,from any place and it broadcasted over the locally and cloud service which is named as ivideon.

To position or setup your Old Android Mobile phone as a security camera.

  • First of all,you will have to download and install the IP WEBCAM from GOOGLE PLAY STORE in your old Android mobile phone.
  • Now open the IP Webcam and then set your video preferences,effects,power management settings and motion or sound detecting according to your requirements or desires.
  • In order to broadcast the video coverage stream from remote areas you will have to register or sign in to ivideon,then you will have to check the compatibility and after this the cloud stream should be enabled by you.
  • Now select the Start Server option which is present at the bottom of the app,to start the stream.

To view the Video Coverage Stream:

  • Firstly,the provided IP address should be ported on the phone which has been setup as the security camera. Then from any other electronic device such as computer,smartphone,or tablet,e.t.c. you will have to enter the IP address in the address bar of the web browser. After you do this you will have to set up an IVIDEON cloud stream from a computer system and then at last visit and sign in to it

Step 2: Now choose a position or spot to place your camera over there.

After your camera has got the stream up and has started running,you will have to set it up and position it at the appropriate spots. Some of the spots where you may want to position the camera can be your backyard,your home’s main entry,the places where you keep your valuable assets and belongings or a place you think might be in risk of theft or robbery. An IP camera can be setup as a baby monitor by you.

In case if you have more than one old mobile phones,you can setup all of them at different spots for different video coverages.

Step 3: At last,provide mounts to the cameras and power them after mounting.

The positioned cameras can be mounted with the help of a suction car mount or a small smartphone tripod. They can wonderfully help you to mount or position the cameras in your confidential or hidden places.

In my opinion,you should buy wide angle lens for your mobile phone if you want to convert into a camera with a broader region or field of view. You can purchase it online.

As the phone will be on 24/7 for streaming live video coverage,it will need very intense and continuous power to keep on working. So to prevent the mobile phone from crashing aur getting switched off in few hours of its work,you will have to place it near to a power source. Such power sources may include a 10 foot Micro-USB or lightning cable.

Congratulations,now you are finally done with the process of converting your old Smartphone into CCTV Camera.